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In other, non-election related news, I got a new pannier for my bike this morning. IT ROCKS!!! Woo! I should have bought one of these MONTHS ago. I held off because I didn't like the little folding metal ones, and I thought having weight on only one side of my bike would unbalance it. I tried out a cloth Breezer grocery bag pannier today, and it was not at all unbalancing, with the 10+ lbs weight of my laptop+stuff in it. Actually, my bike was a lot more stable than when I strap my backpack onto the rack over the back wheel. In the pannier the weight, though off center, is much lower. Riding my bike I couldn't tell which side the bag was on unless I thought about it. Woo! Nifty features: it collapses and buckles flat against the wheel so it doesn't get in the way on the train, it's cloth (with metal frame) so my backpack straps don't poke out and get caught in the spokes, it's held onto my rack by a tension system, so it's really easy to get on and off, and it has a shoulder strap to carry it into the kitchen when it's full of groceries. Woo! Ehem. And it's just *really well designed*. That makes me happy. So many things these days are not designed, they are just cobbled together junk. So yay. Election sucks, pannier rocks!

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