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We work on learning the phonetic values of letters (rather than their names) when Rebecca wants - we 'play' school with lots of different activities - and yesterday Rebecca read her first three words! There isn't going to be any miracle explosion of reading around here, she only knows a handful of phonemes at this point, but it's steady progress at whatever pace she wants to set. I'm pretty excited, because I hadn't been expecting her to make the leap to connecting sounds together yet, but she's just starting to get it. So we'll keep playing.

Recently we've been having a lot of fun with the Kumon workbooks designed for 2 year olds, they have books for pasting, folding, cutting, and I think coloring, and they are really cute. The folding one has things like folding the top and bottom of a double sided piece of paper into the center, then when it is folded it is the outside of a strawberry, and when you unfold it you see the inside of the strawberry. Or a sad face and a happy face that you get to play with. I need to go buy some more.

Also, it is HOT here right now, 95 deg yesterday, what? It is not August yet! Just because April starts with an A too does not mean we are supposed to be getting late summer temperatures! Rebecca had some minor heat exhaustion issues yesterday at the playground, I was not expecting that. April. Come on!

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