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I'm reaching the tired end of my pregnancy. I'm not really looking forward to the sleepless post-pregnancy period either, bleh. My writing has gotten disjointed, probably because I can't remember the last sentence. :-) We switched our plans from having another home birth to a hospital birth because our insurance won't pay for the home birth. Which seems like a lame reason, but frugal, and I'd rather go to Japan next spring than give birth at home vs a hospital. And our backup OB who we switched to is really awesome. Oh, yah, email the doula, I keep forgetting... be right back. Right. That was a lame email, but whatever. The current largest lameness about the hospital is whether Rebecca can be there if the birth is at night, because they have a no children sleeping over policy, which is also lame. But as long as we come out of it with a new baby it'll be okay.

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