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The devil is leaving, rejoice

My biggest problem with the Bush administration has not been Bush, it has been John Ashcroft. zyrain mentioned that the times said he was rumored to be leaving the cabinet and I rejoiced. Digging a little on Google News there are indeed many reports that Ashcroft is planning to resign.

From CNN: "Sources close to Ashcroft told CNN on Thursday that they believe it is most likely the attorney general will submit his resignation in the near future, possibly within the next two weeks.

Private signals from Justice Department sources have indicated for some months that the attorney general has no plans to serve a second term."


Also good news, Republican Sen. Arlen Specter, the presumed next chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, seems like a really reasonable guy. He's said some really encouraging things about Supreme Court appointments. There's hope for the future! Woo!
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