Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson


Our bedtime ritual is finally working pretty well, just in time for it to be completely disrupted. So I should write about it for myself, before that happens.
6:30, dinner, hopefully. Sometimes not until 7 during the week.
Then playing with daddy, sometimes only for 5 minutes.
7:25, 10 minute snack time, that tends to stretch out.
7:35, floss teeth, brush teeth. This used to be the worst part of the day, but now that mama dentist tells special made-up fairy stories, or robin stories, or whatever stories during tooth brushing, it has started going much better. Also, now the dentist has large stickers for good little patients. But the story is really more important.
Then we read picture books until 8:10.
8:10, bedtime peepee, whether you think you have to or not, and then pajamas.
Sometimes we have dark storytime, with mostly picture free chapter books, until 8:30.
There is one rocking chair 'lap time', no in-out privileges, for little girls who can sit still and not talk, much.
Then mama will sit and sing and fall asleep or play on her computer until Rebecca falls asleep, as long as she is reasonably quiet, and if she is wild and hyper mama will leave and come back and check later. Normally she falls asleep sometime before 9.
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