Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

Two weeks

Penelope is two weeks old now. She's nursing well, much better than Rebecca thankfully, and thanks to Rebecca really. She regained her birth weight by day three or four.

We call her Penny-loaf, Penelope (rhymes with antelope), lollypop, penny-girl, penny-peep, little piggy, evil alien child, hork-o-matic and Penelope.

She hates having her diaper changed, probably because I don't do it often enough, so she has a diaper rash.

She sleeps 2-3 hours at a time at night, which isn't so bad, and only rarely wants to stay up and eat for more than half an hour.

She consistently eats for three minutes, then needs to be burped, which usually takes about three pat-bounces, then wants to eat again. She burps a lot. Sometimes all I have to do is pick her up vertical after a little nursing and she will burp. I don't think Rebecca ever burped. Maybe because she wasn't actually breast feeding the first month.

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