Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

Sleep Deprivation and Bottles.

Jesse called me at 5:55, telling me that his alarm for the Mulberry parents meeting went off, and I was supposed to be there in 5 minutes. Haha. So I left both my girls with visiting grandma, and went to the second half of the first meeting, preschool, and completely flaked on the second all school meeting. But then so did Dave, who I asked, 'um, is that it?' Because I knew that it was supposed to go for another half hour... and I couldn't read the piece of paper I was holding... Blarg. While I was gone Penelope got her first bottle, and apparently handled it pretty well. In that, after being confused and amused, she successfully ingested some of it. I was originally going to take her with me, but she'd just spent an hour eating on and off, and I thought she'd probably sleep for a couple hours, and besides, what fun is it to be in the car for half an hour twice rather than with grandma? Not fun. And she's going to have to start figuring out bottles once a week next week anyway when I start taking Rebecca to our co-op preschool since I'll be working there on Wednesdays.

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