Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

Two+ Months

I have the sweetest happiest baby this time around. She almost always goes right back to sleep after eating at night, and when she doesn't she's content to lie on my shoulder and coo and whack me in the face. She is almost never unconsolable, and almost always goes to sleep relatively easily when she is tired. She likes being worn, and the 4.5 yards of cotton jersey is working out much better than the woven cotton ring wrap I briefly used with Rebecca. After 15 minutes of fussing at the grocery store she had managed to wiggle herself into a nursing position ("okay, fine!") so I unlatched my bra in the middle of paying for the groceries, and I doubt anyone noticed.

Also I am loving our local farm/community garden, it's such a great place to be I'm starting to feel less of a need for my own vegetable patch. Full Circle Farm in Sunnyvale, awesome educational farm.

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