Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

The end of lap time?

Our going to bed ritual is very complicated. Maybe I've written it down before, but there is snack time, (preceded by dinner time and play with daddy time), teeth flossing & brushing, light story time, toilet and pajama time, (using the toilet is much easier before you are wearing footy pajamas), dark storytime (started as a way to read books without pictures), lap time, and sleep time.

The last week though, maybe starting with the time change Sunday the 1st, and the excitement of all the first Magic Treehouse books, she hasn't been asking for lap time at the end of dark story time. I miss my snuggle, although sometimes it is more of a thrashing than a snuggle...

Penelope has pretty good head control now, and is quite a people watcher - she seems to enjoy just sitting and watching when we go to Peet's Coffee during Rebecca's Monday and Friday classes. Which is great for me! Also she seems to be able to get her fist in her mouth more or less when she wants. Not very gracefully, but she usually gets it there.
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