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Four and a half months, Vermont, a new year

Penelope is at the cusp of sitting up. She can do it for five seconds before tumbling over. Her poop issues cleared up eventually while we were on vacation in Vermont with Jesse's parents. We got back, and they were snotty after another bottle of formula on Wednesdays when I work at Rebecca's school. So that's my theory. I may have to start pumping.

We had a great time in Vermont, we didn't do a whole lot. Mary and Austin were there for a week. The plane trips were fine, we had a direct into Boston - they told us to sit down fast or they were going to cancel our flight, it was the last into Boston before the airport was expected to close for a snow storm. We made it, and the drive wasn't bad. It was cold. Rebecca fell out of her couch bed once or twice, Penelope seemed to wake up more sleeping in the middle of our king bed. Jesse didn't sleep much the night we had two double beds in the In By The Sea, because he was sharing the bed with Rebecca, he said she was sleeping sideways at one point and pushing him out of bed. (Our hotel room had STAIRS!)

I made some straw cups for Penelope in Jennifer's studio, she'll probably glaze them for me at some point, but it's off season for her studio. We saw her chapel that she and John built, neat. Mostly we sat around and played. I tried to work on my pattern for a light-up birthday cake. I did some re-designing, and a little sewing. I'm worried about the liability issues.

The sledding was great, Rebecca and Jesse built a snow fort.

Penelope was waking up squealing and singing and happy until the morning that Jesse tried to take a movie of it. Now she doesn't really do it anymore! Maybe I need to spend more time singing to her. I love it when she holds her hand in front of her face, and stares at it as she slowly curls and uncurls her fingers. It is thrillingly beautiful baby concentration. She is such an organized baby, most of the time she really has it together, and chiefly complains that she is bored, when she can't see anyone doing anything interesting. She loves to watch people, and we have a great time at the coffee shop while Rebecca is in school, I get to work on my computer or sew, and Penelope gets to people watch. I'm sure it won't last more than another few months. Now that Dahlia is going to start coming over on Fridays we really only have Mondays to do that now anyway. The one time she gets really upset is when she is almost asleep, and something startles her and wakes her up. Like if I shout across the house to someone when I didn't realize she was falling asleep... Then she wakes up and screams that the world has come to an end, and she hates hates hates us all, why can't we take better care of her, don't we know she's a baby and baby's need their sleep for lord's sake! (We've been reading Eloise - Rebecca loves it.)

It's a new year, and we're starting to pack up for our move to Mountain View in the middle of February. It's a small house, without a dishwasher, but it's just ours. We'll be a small one couple family again, which will make a lot of things simpler. Simpler simpler simpler. We're going through our stuff and trying to get rid of a lot of it. We'll see if we can inspire Rebecca to take part at all in the purge. Less less less is more.

Penelope sleeps amazingly well, she's really light driven. At night, when she wakes up, she'll want to nurse, and then even if she hasn't fallen right to sleep, she seems to think that if it is dark that she should go back to sleep, and she does. She spends time staring at the light in our ceiling, and sometimes her hands. We may need to get another light for the ceiling when we move. Also, we're going to need heavy curtains when the sun starts coming up at 5. Right now she's waking up around 2:30, 4:30, and sometimes 6:30. We get up around 7. Now that we're doing preschool again I have to get up at 6:30 on Wednesdays anyway. 7 the rest of the time. As long as I remember to pack lunch the night before!

Mondays - Drop daddy off at work, take Rebecca to Mulberry, go to Peet's Coffee with Penelope, eat lunch with Rebecca and Felicity and Julie and friends at Mulberry, go play at Eagle Park or Mercy Bush Park for a few hours, go grocery shopping at Whole Foods, go home and collapse around 5.
Tuesdays - Home day, art activities, cooking activities, cleaning, reading books.
Wednesday - Previously daddy stayed home with Penelope while Rebecca and I went to Mulberry (my work day) now I'm taking Penelope over to Julie's and taking Felicity and Rebecca to school. They talk non-stop in the car, and it is loud and hilarious. Then we used to take daddy to work and go to our farm. Yesterday we stayed at Julie's and played. Next week we'll go to the farm, hopefully.
Thursday - Another home day with no car.
Friday - Starts out like Monday for now, then we come home and everyone comes over for Art Playgroup, stays until mid afternoon, then leaves and I am exhausted and Rebecca wants me to play play play.
Saturday and Sunday are currently unformatted. I think, often home days with lots of playing with Daddy. Sometimes we go to music jams.

LIfe is awesome awesome awesome with Miss Penelope and Miss Rebecca. I'm looking forward to owning less, living in a little house, working on my pattern line and Etsy store, and living across from the park and a couple blocks away from the library.

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