Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson


Penelope has gone from an incompetent sitter to quite capable of sitting up 'indefinitely'. That is, until she gets distracted and forgets that she is sitting up. And it only took a couple days. They were of course the right couple days, clearly she is ready for sitting. She is also often quite strident about getting our food into her mouth. I've decided that 4-5 months would be the tasting month, I don't think she's really ready for eating, but she's very happy sucking on all the different tastes. She'll be 5 months soon, and sometime we'll get out the food mill and see if she's ready for swallowing things that don't involve sucking. We gave her a couple tiny spoons of buckwheat porridge (wheat...) this morning, and she only swallowed about half of it, so I don't think she's really ready for spoon feeding yet. No rush.
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