Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

5 Months - Solid Food

In the last two days Penelope has started eating cheerios - cascade organic o's, whatever. The first one came back out of her mouth, the next 10 did not. Put a cheerio in front of her and say cheerio and she will lunge/thrash forward and open her mouth. Yes she wants to eat. If it goes in our mouth she wants to put it in her mouth. Well, frankly, I'm pretty sure she wants to put the whole planet in her mouth, and is only waiting until her mouth gets big enough. I got out the food mill for dinner tonight and gave her some of the brown sushi rice. She managed it, but it was really too sticky for her, and there was a lot of gagging as she tried to figure out how to get it over the back of her tongue, better watered down. The culinary highlight of the night - I let her lick a penny sized piece of ginger, she came eagerly back for a second lick, then I let her have it the third time and she swallowed it along with an amusing full body shiver. We'll see how that one works out tomorrow, but daddy is proud.

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