Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

8 Months

Penelope has sensitive skin, including her intestines apparently. Just about every solid food we've tried so far other than bananas has given her snotty diarrhea. Oatmeal, wheat, apples, avocado, prunes, I'm forgetting some, and I think she's allergic to milk too. So we've been taking food slow, but we may stop considering diarrhea a reason not to feed her something. The pediatrician says it's fine as long as she's gaining weight? She wants to eat the whole world. She's not allowed to sit in the dirt at the farm anymore, because she ate so much dirt and bark (which may not have to be much) that she gave herself diarrhea, ruining our food experiment. As Rebecca parrots - "Penelope, you're such a mouth baby!"

She's a sturdy sitter, unless Rebecca pulls something away from her, or, you know, she gets distracted by something. She can work her way around in circles on the floor, and is thinking she might be interested in crawling soon, but standing holding on to someone's hands is more fun.

Today she started waving back at people and making a little cute hi noise. I'm not sure that it counts as a word any more than blowing raspberries back counts as a word. She's almost clapping, and likes 'Peas Porridge'.

She goes to bed between 6-7:30 and wakes up 6-6:30, but I can usually mostly ignore her until 6:45 if I sit her up. I need to get a box for toys for the bedroom. (Not more toys mind you.)

It's a good thing we have a wrap, because she's a total pick me up and cary me baby, although the wrap may encourage that, I don't know. And she's my dress up doll right now, which Rebecca never was, because we got a bunch more hand me down clothes. I've been enjoying dressing the second baby up in cutie pie dresses and clothes. The dresses may have to stop if she starts crawling, we'll see.

Over all she's a sturdy happy little girl.

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