Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

10 Months

Penelope is doing good but not perfectly with solid foods. May 23rd she started crawling at Maker Faire. May 24th she started pulling up to standing, May 25th she started cruising. May 26th she did NOT start walking. Sometime in mid June she started standing up and balancing for measurable amounts of time by herself. I think her current record is 15-20 seconds. She is absorbed by standing up. She loves standing up. She loves walking holding on to someone's hands. She can crawl up the stairs, not ours, we don't have any.

She is still the cutest happiest snuggle-me baby. I made her a cloth doll last week, and she started hugging it and squealing. Really. And biting its head, let's be honest. I named it Marigold, to remind me of Penelope's true name. Last night and tonight Penelope made me kiss her over and over and over. She would grab my shoulder, turn her cheek and pull me down. I think she's trying to figure out kissing as much as enjoying being kissed. And enjoying making me do something. She does a sort of drape-y hug, if you are holding her she will hold on to you and rest her head on your shoulder for a few seconds before popping up again.

She has started liking her pacifier. She is THRILLED when someone is going to read her a book, and has definite opinions on which book you should be reading her. Her favorites are the touchy books, especially That's Not My Robot/Lion/Tractor/Plane/Mermaid/Car/etc. We get them out of the library. The That's Not My Blah books have extra thick board pages, and she can turn them herself really well.

She still puts everything in her mouth, but occasionally when you say 'aaaah', she will actually spit it out for you, or at least open her mouth. And sometimes she will shake her head back and forth violently, refusing to let you anywhere near her mouth treasure.

She wasn't clapping at 8 months? I don't know when she started, but I'm pretty sure she can. She can also pee on the toilet, if you put her on the toilet and she has to pee she will. If she doesn't she will touch the back of the toilet where we keep the wipes and then lean forward.

She plays the 'please', 'thank you', 'here you go' game with objects, although usually too enthusiastically for anyone to have the chance to say 'please'. She may or may not sometimes say 'thank you' and 'here you go', not well enough to recognize out of context. She still says 'hi' and waves. She pushes away things she doesn't want, and if she is nervous of you she will put her hands behind her head and pull her hair. Last month when she didn't want a friend to pick her up she would stretch her arms out behind her. Chris always said, 'yes, I see your lovely wings.' She doesn't reach her arms up when she wants you to pick her up, she just makes her 'please' throat noise, 'ah-hn-hn'. I can usually tell what she wants, if she's hungry she will suck on my shoulder. If she is whining she usually wants to be picked up. She hates it when Rebecca blocks her. If she is excited about something she does the full body symmetric thrash.

What else? I don't know. She's a little sweetie.

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