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Katherine Donaldson

11.5 Months / 12 Months

Shortly after my 10.5 month entry in Vermont Penelope started rolling over. And instantly diaper changes and nap time became, as expected, significantly more challenging. Also she figured out once she flipped over onto her stomach she could stand up and climb out of her co-sleeper. Unlike some other babies I know she does *not* like jumping out of things and slamming into the ground, so we managed alright with the co-sleeper for the rest of the trip. She *does* like slamming her head into mine, especially my cheek bone, so I'm not celebrating. But I am glad she's cautious, it makes some things easier. She also skipped the stage where she could pull herself up to standing, but couldn't sit down. She's pretty much always been able to sit down. She can stand up more or less indefinitely now, but insists on holding two hands to make any attempt at walking.

I can't believe she's almost 1.

She started signing 'hurrah' today, PamPam would be proud. We haven't been asking her 'What do gnomes say?' though.

She adores chocolate, and will throw a fit if she thinks Rebecca's getting some and she's not. She has trouble digesting oatmeal, milk products, watermelon and tomatoes. I think. She doesn't like avocado. She does like chicken, most fruit, and anything you're eating. She adores blueberries. And likes to eat dirt.

She is super super excited when daddy comes home. She is happiest when her whole family is where she can see them. She thinks Rebecca is super cool. She also thinks Rebecca's art friends are super cool.

She likes to put things in boxes, and pull them out, she started emptying out a kleenex box. She loves pulling the magnets off the fridge.

*** weeks pass***

She loves hats, and has gotten pretty good at putting them on and taking them off. And putting them on. She gives dolls big hugs when you give them to her, which is super cute. She isn't really talking, almost everything is 'Da', although she can say 'Hi!', 'Ah(ll)-done' and 'Dada'.

She loves books and gets very excited if she thinks you are going to read to her. Rebecca's books don't count. Her favorite book/song is Baby Baluga, and she will nod her head back and forth while you sing it, and clap sometimes. She also loves touch and feel books like That's not My Lion, and lift the flap books like Where is Baby's Bellybutton?

When she got her new pajamas a couple weeks ago, we unwrapped each one and she gave it a big hug and snuggle. Balls and dolls are loved. Rebecca got her a walker for her birthday, which is a huge hit. Yesterday she started trying to take her clothes off by herself.

She is cheerful and happy and loving. And not doing very well at night if she gets milk or eggs or if I eat lots of milk or cream. I *think*. And don't give her my fennel tea, which seems to help. I hate figuring out her diet. It its so impossible. But she is such a sweet sweet huggy lovey baby.

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