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LAPP and P 1.1

Rebecca started her new school this month, and she loves it. LAPP, Los Altos Parent Preschool. "You cant' go outside on the playground whenever you want. There's dress up. [I like] The green sparkly shoes." Rebecca was the helper on Thursday the first week, and she thought that was the best. "Playing princess with Lulu is fun. I like 'Hello, my name is Joe' [a song]. I like doing the projects. I liked doing the patterns with Teacher Kerry. With different colors of circles. I like doing the sleepy little girl, it's a paper girl with a paper blanket. I liked having snack."

Rebecca: "I like going to Eagle Park. And I like playing Mouse Trap. And I like reading books." We read all about where Mouk went all around the world, one day at a time.

Penelope is starting to walk more and more the last month. Most of the time she crawls around, but sometimes she will walk up to about 10 feet now before sinking down to her knees. She doesn't crash, she just gets lower and lower with her hands out in front of her. She has quite a few words now, although it's hard to figure them out if you don't already know what they are. Dada, even daddy sometimes, Mamamama, mommy. Ball & Bear are similar, Dog & Doll & That & Down & Done. Bottle (Bot) (for her water bottle.) Last night, as usual, she had tea in it for bed time, and we would say 'tea' and she would put her fingers in her mouth and say 'sthhhhhhh' which I guess is teeth. And she would giggle. I think she thought it was a joke to say teeth every time I said tea. We'll never know. She can say (H)at, Eye, which is really clear, and matches her first word ever, 'Hi', with a little wave at 8 months. She also says 'Here you go', and please is holding her hand out. The grabby hand means 'want', along with the shriek. She's started saying mih-mih for milk. I think she can say go. She likes the song Mei sings in Totoro, 'Hey Let's Go.'

Penelope adores hats and bike helmets. I'm sure in part because they mean going out. But I think she also just likes them. We have a picture of her wearing *nothing* but her bike helmet. If she finds a bike helmet she will shriek until it is on her head. There is also shrieking if she thinks you are eating something yummy and she isn't. She's off milk again, for digestive reasons, (along with eggs), and she is not pleased when Rebecca gets to eat things that she doesn't.

She likes it when it's her turn to pick the book to read. Baby Baluga is still one of her favorites, and we read that most nights. She also likes 10 little ladybugs with the bumpy ladybugs, and Where is Baby's Bellybutton (she likes saying 'eye', and 'ffff'[oot] and calling the babies 'doll').

Penelope has a wooden walker with clacking alligators, but she will only push it forward until it runs into something. When the plastic bathroom stool is upside down (so she won't climb on it and crack her skull, one of her favorite activities), she will push it around and pick it up so it goes on the rug. It is more omnidirectional than the walker with wheels, and lighter. So she can pick it up when it is stuck and take a few steps then put it down. Dad finds this hilarious.

She is climbing everything she can climb. We had to turn the knife block around, and there are carpet samples from FabMo scattered around all of the stools in the house, because she climbs up and falls off. I'm hoping practice is the best cure for that. She loves going to the playground and climbing up all the steps to the top of the tower. She can get down them all now too which is an improvement. I also haven't let her fall down the openings at the top for the ladders yet. I'm hoping we can avoid that. She loves standing on Rebecca's stool and splashing in the dish tub while I'm washing the dishes, and eating the bubbles. Depending on the age of the water and the dishes in the dishtub I'm more to less okay with that. I still find her gnawing crayons. She's putting fewer things in her mouth in general though, I *think*.

We are trying to night wean. The milk part wasn't all that difficult. But she's still waking up, and climbing into our bed, and demanding snuggles and thrashing around arching her back for several hours every night. It's been a couple weeks, I *think* things are getting better, but I've been going to bed at the same time as the girls in order to get enough sleep, which isn't much fun, and I've been completely neglecting my oneinchworld blog.

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