Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

4.5 Years, 15 Months

I'm trying to reduce the rushing and mama stress in our lives, because I think it's been bad for Rebecca. That or 4 is the worst age ever, 2 & 3 being really pretty good. Of course it might be the push-back against increased 'consequences' in her life, introduction of chores, the loss of PamBob as housemates, or her growing sibling. Generally things are pretty good, but she gets a lot more hysterical about set backs, and seems more high strung in general.

Penelope is putting big juicy 'K's on the ends of lots of her starting sounds. Stu-CK, Boo-K, uck. She's started putting words together - 'reee(d) booK!' (repeatedly) 'Mi(l)K boom!' (The milk fell crashing down) any word paired with mah-MMMM, and probably still her most frequent 'NO MINE!' Her first three syllable word is VEEE-ta-MUMMMMM! (Vitamin) paired with pointing at the bottles on the shelf, and when she is denied (only one (piece of) a vitamin per day sweetie!) then she twists around to point at the chocolate and starts saying 'ch-k!' She requests cheee(se) and 'noo-noo'(noodles), 'wawa' (water), 'tea', and 'mi-K'. She is starting to acquire vocabulary very quickly. She says ba-K and pats herself on the back, along with nose and tee(th) and eye. Balloons are 'boo!'

She loves to walk 'wah-K', and go for rides on the 'bih-K'! 'go go go!' She has stopped being quite as fanatical about bringing everyone their bike helmets and making them put them on, well, maybe not. She still loves her shoes, and since it's getting wet we've gotten out the sneakers, slightly too big at size 4 probably, to replace her Robeez. She has gotten quite fast, and will now run away in stores with no thought to getting lost. Ugh. She likes to dance and slowly spin around/walk in circles. She can frequently be found drawing on anything, including my computer. She loves to empty containers, and sometimes put things in. She adores her bear. She likes me to stack blocks 'sta-K' and then 'booom!' she knocks them down.

A couple nights ago we moved her into Rebecca's room, and Jesse has been going in at night instead of me. Considering how much she wanted me to snuggle her all night long like a little teddy bear, it's going amazingly well. I had gotten her night weaned to 3am finally, but she still woke up frequently and wanted to climb on me and roll around and be snuggled back down to sleep. This is night four in Rebecca's room, and she just put herself to sleep in her crib with the pacifier she's just started using at night. Last night she actually slept from 10:30-4:30! Unprecedented. Good thing Jesse stepped in! Clearly I am no good at this stuff.

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