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1yr7mo / 4&3/4

Penelope is full of wiggles and adores the word no. Nnnnnnno! She loves her friend Shira, and is very upset when we have to leave Lisa's house to pick Rebecca up from school. She spent the last car ride saying 'my shira' mournfully over and over again. She knows many of our friends names, lellie, aya, (y)ash. She has an amazing (for a 1 year old...) tripodish grip when she draws, and she's started drawing teeny tiny line marks, baby writing, and she *always* wants to draw or paint. On anything... She adores reading Maisy, and actually likes nap time. She loves her 'puff', Jesse's old baby feather comforter, and her binkey, although she doesn't need either of them. She doesn't have any really special animals. She doesn't nurse anymore between snack times, just morning, nap and bed. She usually falls asleep nursing for nap time, but puts herself to sleep at bed time. She's started throwing tantrums, which is sort of adorable, and a sign of things to come.

In the beginning of December we visited Nenny and D.Pa for a week, and went to David and Alice's wedding.

At the end of January we went on a last minute trip to Tahoe with Spencer, Anya & Yash and Rebecca had her first two days of skiing.

We are in the throes of determining Rebecca's kindergarden for next year. PACT/Landels/Waldorf??? Haven't done much else for the last couple weeks. I am wrapped up in and depressed by the whole thing.

Rebecca has stopped giving people 'hand-faces' when she doesn't want people to look at her because she's embarrassed that she did something wrong, which is great, she's feeling less self conscious. We've also made it through a period of awful not doing after dinner chores, just rolling around in the kitchen for an hour saying she was too tired. She's still fundamentally a rule follower, and I'm thinking her sister is *not*. We'll see. Rebecca says she is excited we are going on a cave adventure with Anya Greene next weekend. We've also seem to have made it mostly through a period of awful whining (a long long period) by starting to send her out of the room (usually when we were eating, especially right when we are sitting down to dinner) when she starts whining, and telling her she can come back when she is ready to act nicely, because whining is like hitting other people. She likes talking about whether a number is odd or even, and that two twos is four and is starting to work out what two of other numbers is.

Penelope has started pushing cars, climbs onto our bed *through* the bookcase at the foot, and is trying to learn how to jump.

Tonight Penelope demonstrated her first clear verbal understanding of temporal sequences, when after 'dark story time' I said, mostly to myself and expected Rebecca to answer, "Now what's next?", and Penelope answered in a very sleepy voice "be-cca lap time." I was very surprised, partly because she does *not* like it when Rebecca gets mama snuggles.

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