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4&3/4, 1yr7mo

After six months or so of telling the 'princess story', where Rebecca and Stella went through a tree and ended up in the magic princess valley, where there is a castle filled with princesses and you turn into a princess when you get there and the castle adds another room, and there are elves and dwarves in their underground city, and (nice) dragons and lots of fairies everywhere, and a rainbow unicorn and pirate treasure and mermaids, she finally wanted Rebecca and Stella's parents to find their way into the princess valley too. Now they are building a new castle, because they aren't allowed to live in the princess castle.

This month Rebecca learned how to swing by herself, and Penelope is starting to jump. Penelope has been practicing and practicing and practicing and it is really cute.

Penelope has been mildly obsessed with mittens and putting socks on her hands. She recently got socks on both hands (except for her pinky finger which she was mad about) by herself. She's starting to pull socks off her feet. She's never been interested in undressing herself, but maybe dressing undressing will start soon. She is trying to pour the gallon of milk into her cup by herself. That isn't so great.

She just recently asked to use the toilet and actually pooped in it, rather than asking after she had already filled her diaper. She'd probably have more luck if her diet wasn't so high-fiber. She's also very concerned that Curious George isn't wearing a diaper in the story books...

3/26 - Penelope asked her first 'why?' question, in reference to cold cold-smoked-salmon, 'Warm it up mommy.' 'No.' 'Why?' 'Because.' 'Why?' 'It would be an abomination.' 'Why?' 'Because.' 'Why?'...

Rebecca's logical abilities are developing appropriately. When Jesse was telling stories that we were all activated by quarters, and that Mommy put Daddies quarter in in the morning, Rebecca said, no, who would put Mommies quarter in? And Jesse said, 'Daddy puts in Mommy's quarter', Rebecca convincingly shot that circular logic down.

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