Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

Almost 5, one and something.

I am so behind and overwhelmed with everything.

A wake up conversation (all Penelope): "Pick me up!" "My helmet!" (mom: Really?) "Wear it?" "It's falling off..." this becomes a repetative sleepy chant.

We went to New Orleans and Penelope became scared of dogs, and planes and many other things. She's hitting that 'I'm two, things are scary!' age, when Rebecca stopped going down slides and started thinking that Chuck E Cheese was really creepy. Penelope is still going down slides, but after one dog growled at her and another chased us (mostly playfully) down the street.

New Orleans was fun, we went on a swamp tour and saw alligators, birds and swampy trees. We also got to see two Easter parades, and Lauren was right, parades in New Orleans are different, every float that went by threw something at us or our neighbors. The first parade we caught in a somewhat uninhabited block, and since we had kids we ended up with an armful of stuffed animals in addition to a plentiful supply of mardi gras beads and some plastic eggs with candy. Then everyone else gave us all their stuffed animals because they didn't want them. I didn't want them either! Some of them were surprisingly nice though. I told Rebecca she could bring four home with her, and she did a very good job giving all the rest of them away to other kids we met walking down the street. She kept all the ones that made noise. The $1 praying bears thankfully both broke before we left, and Rebecca agreed that we could just bring the sound boxes home with us to try and fix. I think it would be fun if horribly annoying to collect all the stupid sounds that toys make and glue them all over a board. Cacophony. The shopping was fun, the cemeteries were interesting. The trees on St. Charles were permanently decorated with old mardi gras beads, sort of like a decrepit christmas street. The first day we were walking around (Saturday) Rebecca spent half the time digging beads up out of the dirt. Then Sunday we got a boat load thrown at us and that was the end of that obsession. We only had to bring a few of the broken ones home with us...

When we got back from New Orleans, a couple days later Penelope and then Rebecca came down with the worst stomach bug they have ever had. They were throwing up every 1/2 to 1 hours for about 24 hours. Rebecca is finally to the blissful (for mommy) age where every time she needed to throw up she managed to do it in a bucket. So although I didn't get any sleep I also never had to change her sheets. Maybe it was just this bug, they were both very uncomfortable for quite a while before they had to actually throw up. And it seems like it wasn't that long ago since the last time that Rebecca did throw up in her bed. Anyway. So after being in New Orleans through Wednesday, and going back to school for one day on Thursday, then she got sick on Sunday and was out of school the entire next week, because that virus was so bad I wasn't going to chance sharing it, even though she was fine and perky on Thursday...

The last month we have been exploring nanny types since I took a contract at work. Shouldn't be too long, but it's taken up all the non-existant slack in our schedule, and I'm pretty worn out, especially with extra end-of-school craziness. I don't like any of our nanny people so far, but it's all just temporary. We will survive.

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