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The days are getting longer, and my friends are making resolutions. Years are too long, I think month resolutions would be more productive. I briefly considered marking the eight seasonal holidays instead... maybe I will, since I wanted to try marking them all this year anyway, just to be more in touch with time passing here in seasonless california.

So. No eating breaded fried things. Including fish'n'chips, french fries, tempura, fried chicken... it is a family of foods that I have a *vast* weakness for, and makes me feel icky afterwards. That's a negative goal, a goal to not do something. I should have a positive/active goal too... I suppose that has to be keeping the house, especially the kitchen and living room, clean.

Well, here's to Candlemas/Imbolg/February getting here before I break down. And along the same lines, thanks to Noah for still having my truck, because if he didn't I'm sure I would have slacked off riding my bike by now. I should make him keep it.

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