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Last Saturday (February 12th) I got a call from a friend of mine, Cindy around 9:30am. Could I come and sing with her group, the STOCtet, at 1pm? They were singing the opening Star Spangled Banner at the 11th game of the SAP Open at the HP Pavilion, and all of their sopranos had poofed. Sure!

That must be my favorite type of performance, little forewarning, and only one rehearsal. It's exciting, it's fun, and it's over before you can get sick of the music. Well, in this case it was an old standard, but still.

So I threw on my husbands tux shirt and a pair of black pants and headed over to their directors house. I got to listen to them run through a jazz song for their summer concert, and then we ran through the "Star Spangled Banner" a few times. Then it was off to the HP Pavilion, nee San Jose Arena, packed five to a car. Given the dime a dozen status of amateur singing groups SAP wasn't even paying for our parking. Oh well. We got there, hung out in the tunnels for 20 minutes, walked in behind the color guard, sang, and walked out seemingly before the last note had died. I think it went well, Sybil, a co-fill-in also from the Fun Times Singers, pulled a lovely high B-flat out of her pocket for the ending. She really has an amazing voice, my favorite kind anyway, clear and round and pure but not piercing. I don't like voices that are edgy, with all sorts of vibrato. Want! I'll never have her kind of range, my voice is parked squarely in the mezzo-soprano range.

Well, it was fun, and then it was over. I'd never been in the San Jose Arena, and now I've only seen it from the bottom. Seems a bit odd, but good.

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