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Bike to Work Day

Well, it was bike to work day and it was raining. But I ride every day, I can't *not* ride on bike to work day. So I took a change of cloths and rode. I got very wet. The stretch pants experiment worked well though, I didn't notice that my legs were soaking wet because I didn't have a pair of wet and clammy pants sliding and flapping around, kinda like a wet suit I suppose. Still, I should get around to getting rain gear. I thought that it being MAY in CALIFORNIA it wouldn't be raining anymore this season. The world is coming to an end. Well, really we just have all of Washington state's rain. And we don't need it anymore. So send it back please, and fix their drought.


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May. 20th, 2005 05:56 am (UTC)
i'll admit than i was tempted to be weak. i did ride in to work today, but on the way i thought, you know, this is why i bought a car -- so even in the lightest of drizzles i could just drive the 1.6 miles to work. for my sacrifice (*cough*) i was rewarded with a water bottle, two single-LED flashing bike lights, and a tire patch kit, all company branded. i got way more than i deserved.
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