Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

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Imperial politics and teeth

I'm a big supported of deadlocked federal politics. I'm usually pretty happy when nothing is getting passed. Go sign MoveOn's Anti-Anti-Filibuster petition. Lets not destroy the 230 year old checks and balances of government. [edit: not much point anymore.]

And my teeth are no longer perfect. I'm getting two small fillings this afternoon, and I'm overly and irrationally upset about it. I don't care about any pain, I just feel like now that the structural integrity of my teeth has been breached it's an inevitable downhill slide to dentures. I realize most folks response is, "What, your getting your first fillings NOW? And your UPSET? Good grief." I know. Still, it's yet another reminder that my warranty is up.
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