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CVPR 2005 Day 1

Walked down the beach from my hotel to get to the conference hotel. There are a lot of physically beautiful people in San Diego. Also, apparently it's the best place in the country to be homeless.

The poster sessions are on two ferries. This is cool. The number of people trying to crowd onto the double deckered (and one of them un-airconditioned) ferries is un-cool. Very un-cool. My first pass through was my only pass, since by then it was too crowded to move. That and truly stifling. Ick. I wonder which boat my poster session is going to be on tomorrow? Well, hopefully I can stand next to a window. I think this conference was designed for about half as many folks as are here.

Talked to Randy for a while, probably the only person I know here today. I think I need to spend more time on the things I want to be good at. Which means deciding what I want to be good at. And having kids fits into this how?? Gah. I throw up my hands.

And it's a good thing I decided to get some sun-screen at the beginning of lunch, 'cause after sitting and eating (wow yummy!) blackened catfish with horseradish (my god! They didn't over cook it! Ahhhhhhh) my sunburn from just this morning is showing itself. Then I bought a hat. It is a structurally wonderful hat, so hard to find! largish stiff brim, floppy top with some elastic around the inside edge that makes it snug but not too tight. In about 30 seconds it stole the position of favorite sun hat. Woo!

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