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Life has been busy, and now I'm sitting on the couch in the living room, feeling very lethargic and hey, I have a wireless internet connection... what better thing to do this morning than update my slacker livejournal?

Jesse's on his sabbatical, and is currently out in the garage making a concertina. I'm very jealous. Ok well, he just walked in the door and said it's time for lunch. : P

... Well it's now one leaf soup later. That's how life passes I suppose.

Tuesday we went to a pretty cool barn concert in the Santa Cruz mountains, a scottish band Old Blind Dogs. The guys who opened for them, Molly something or other had a very bouncy bagpiper... Bagpipers are sexy. I don't know why... If I was born 200 years ago to the scottish branch of my family I'm sure I would have run off with a bagpiper instead of a guitarist... For some reason uillean pipes aren't nearly as sexy... Anyway, we went to the concert with PamBob, a very cool/nice couple that we met a couple of weeks ago at a random friends wedding in Oregon, who happen to live down the way in Sunnyvale! Happiness. We just found out that Corey Anderson who I worked with at NASA these many years ago also just moved from Washington (?) down to Mountain View. Yay! Trey's probably the only one that that matters to, does he ever hang out here? Anyway.

Saturday our concert season started and I had to put on the garish teal dress yet again, for a grueling double concert day. By the end my feet hurt like hell and I was rather raspy... As far as first concerts for the season go though, it went really well, at least the first half... Anyone in the area who wants to see me in a really ugly blue dress is welcome to come to our last concert in the area on Dec 7th. Valley Chorale Concert List Hell, anyone that wants to sing in our final concert is welcome to come to a rehearsal tomorrow.

Love and Happiness to everyone

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