October 22nd, 2004


Great Big Spinning Balls

Two things relating to large spinning balls, first, more evidence that Einstein was right. The Earth, being a large spinning ball, distorts space time. Cool. I can just see space-time twisting around the Earth in lots of brightly colored streamers... Right.

Second, Katamari Damacy is a wonderfully strange video game. One of those things you know came straight and practically unedited from the dream of a drunken Japanese playing plinko. Your father, the king of the cosmos, in an ecstatic binge of some sort, has destroyed all the stars. You, the pint sized prince, about 3cm tall, have to roll these balls all around the earth, accreting the scattered possessions of Earthlings, which your father then tosses into the sky to become new stars. The game starts out in one room of a Japanese house, and you get to roll up thumb tacks, and candies. As stuff sticks to it your ball gets bigger and bigger. Soon you are glomming up fried shrimp, then playing cards and batteries, and then books and plates, and then ... BUILDINGS!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA EHem. It could use a bigger and more varied world, but it's a very cute game. And for once the translation is excellent. I have no idea if it was as funny in Japanese, possibly the translator was on acid when he wrote the kings speeches, but in any case they were funny. The intro has a 'yellow submarine' feel to it, so I guess it couldn't have been *just* the translator. Kata-mari-Da-ma-shi-i-i-i

Now I just need a game that combines the doodling of Magic Pengel with the insanely random acquisitiveness and city wreaking terror of Katamari Damacy....
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