Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

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Life Flows

Sometimes I feel like my life makes its own decisions. We've been thinking about moving into a house more configured for children, there really isn't space for anything like a nursery near our current bedroom set up. So we've been talking about Pam and Bob selling their house. And day before yesterday Pam drove around and looked at a bunch of Craigs-listed houses, and today we went and looked at one of them. Squee! Cute house. More expensive than where we're living now, and a bit smaller, but it has more rooms, and a much nicer back yard. Of course we'd be renting. Which leads to both a feeling of powerlessness over house decisions, but also, hey, I'm not actually responsible for the structure. So we sent in our rental application. Moving is stressful.
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