June 2nd, 2007

Love Baby


We rolled the ball some, then stomped on the birthday cards some, and then I asked her "Can you get some books for us to read?" without pointing or gesturing, and she toddled over and picked up a stack of books and brought them back to me. I don't think she could have done that a couple weeks ago, she'd need me to point also. Watching her develop is so much fun.

She can say Mama, and "ba" for ball, and "bu" for book. Just a little while ago she said "Mama ba" and pointed at the ball, which I then got for her. I don't know if that counts as her first sentence or not. :-)

Her favorite activity, for months and months, has been being carried around and pointing at things and grunting so we will say the name of the thing she's pointing at. Her favorite things to point at are ceiling fans, lights, clocks, and the outside. Oh, and the fish. And books. And everything else. She's just started demonstrating verbs to get me to say them, like drop and pickup and kick. Ow.
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