November 2nd, 2007

Love Baby


Rebecca loves bears. She has a medium bear she got very early, maybe when she was born, I'm not sure anymore who gave it to us. Bear-bear (If I'd called it Sally she wouldn't have learned how to say bear, would she?) is the plushie I tried to get her to bond with, which I think she did, if only because his nose was kinda boob shaped and she liked to suck on it. Yah. Anyway, now she sees bears everywhere and sleeps with bear-bear more since I've taken away night-time nursing.

She's also starting to dress them, she likes me to put her shoes and socks on bear-bear, then take them off and put them on her, then we put one on each of them, etc. I should probably make her some velcro any-size clothes that we can put on and off her different animals, because her clothes are getting to be too big for that now. Would it be more or less lazy to go get some of her infant clothes down from the garage rafters? Because I am too lazy to do that, maybe because sewing would be more fun if slightly more effort.
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