April 21st, 2009

Love Baby


We work on learning the phonetic values of letters (rather than their names) when Rebecca wants - we 'play' school with lots of different activities - and yesterday Rebecca read her first three words! There isn't going to be any miracle explosion of reading around here, she only knows a handful of phonemes at this point, but it's steady progress at whatever pace she wants to set. I'm pretty excited, because I hadn't been expecting her to make the leap to connecting sounds together yet, but she's just starting to get it. So we'll keep playing.

Recently we've been having a lot of fun with the Kumon workbooks designed for 2 year olds, they have books for pasting, folding, cutting, and I think coloring, and they are really cute. The folding one has things like folding the top and bottom of a double sided piece of paper into the center, then when it is folded it is the outside of a strawberry, and when you unfold it you see the inside of the strawberry. Or a sad face and a happy face that you get to play with. I need to go buy some more.

Also, it is HOT here right now, 95 deg yesterday, what? It is not August yet! Just because April starts with an A too does not mean we are supposed to be getting late summer temperatures! Rebecca had some minor heat exhaustion issues yesterday at the playground, I was not expecting that. April. Come on!
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Borsht and Butter

Quote of the Day: "Please don't sit in my lap, I'm eating dinner, sit in your own lap." "I can't sit in my lap, there aren't two Rebecca's!"

Today Rebecca helped me make whole wheat rolls and borsht. It seems like a major part of our homeschool is cooking. But making rolls is like playing with play dough, but yummier.