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On the Transience of Things, or Mourning the Red Mug

Waaaaaaa! I cracked my beeeuuuutiful red stoneware mug. I have been drinking tea out of it for several years now. One good wang today, and it will be gone in several more thermal cycles.

I know I am much too attached to things. I think it is tied up with my belief that I am my memories, and those memories are constantly draining away like sand. I have many objects that are touchstones of memories. I've been getting rid of a lot of them over the last couple years. Clothes I made in high school, dolls and figurines I had in elementary school. All completely useless clutter, but clutter that seems to be part of my weft. Sometimes I take pictures of things before I get rid of them, or write their stories down before I get rid of them, but second degree touchstones aren't as vivid.

If I was the girl in Labyrinth I never would have made it out of the junkyard.

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