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Work and Peanuts

I am back from vacation and trying hopelessly to catch up on LJ. I did already catch up on my 43 (Oh! I shouldn't have counted that) web comics that I follow. I cheated a bit, since I just ignored the ones I don't read for the story.

And I have discovered that Signs & Wonders Peanut Milk is not as gross as I was expecting it to be. (I think I must have a scary looking beverage fetish.) I like it a lot better than soy milk, at least the ones I've tried, because it isn't very thick. I tried soy milk on cereal once, and oh! I could not eat it. Hand would just not continue feeding mouth. And generally I have very broad tastes. But although they photograph cereal using glue as milk, not going to eat it. No matter how much sugar they add to it. This I think I could have on cereal. It doesn't even taste like peanuts... it smells like peanuts, but doesn't taste like them, at least not much.

[Edit: Why does LJ have a skip limit? That sucks.]

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