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Brian asked me what good the rally was, and I think the main point was to show the strength of the community support that Kepler's has. To potential new backers, and to Clark Kepler. It really made me feel good to be there anyway. And it sounds like they do have quite a few people willing to fund the book store. I was very brave and active about the whole thing, I put up flyers at work, and one at the Menlo Park Library, and one at Trader Joe's in Menlo Park. I don't think I've ever gone up to a business and asked to post a notice about anything, much less a community rally. Being a bookish introvert it was scary, go me. So I want to remember that.

Seems there were ~450 people there, that's a lot. And when they asked who was from Menlo Park, only about 1/3. People were there from all over the peninsula. It was fun, and uplifting to be there. I hope Kepler's makes it.

Links about the rally:
Palo Alto Daily
SF Examiner
Google News Search

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