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In other non-bio-psych news I went to the Maker Faire with magellanic, fourpaws, jessed, Pam & Sparky on Sunday. As an amusing bonus I ran into my boss, who I should have stopped to talk to, only my default reaction when surprised is to keep walking rather than stop, and besides my overpriced corn dog was getting cold. Oh well. (Go socially dysfunctional me!) The fair was fun though, there were lots of blinkin lights and robots. I liked the giant robotic giraffe, and it was neat seeing Bathsheba Grossman's mathmatical sculptures in person rather than just on the web. I got to test drive a ZAP Xebra Electric Vehicle, and watch the Myth Busters zoom around in it just after me, (and they zoomed much better than me, I thought I was going to roll the little three wheeled thing, but they probably cornered twice as fast. I bet they have better liability insurance too.) I also found out about the RoboGames June 16-18 at San Francisco State University, sounds fun, especially the kinetic and musical 'art' subcategories. (So? Maybe I am a girl, I love art robots.) The tilty zoomy map table was a neat interface, although it really could have used a video camera to augment the UI with pointing. The Meccano Difference Engine was neat, but seemed mostly an exercise in obsessive behavior (since it is the same small redundant structure built over and over again.) But best of all Jesse got Matilda the Swamp Moose, a very cute, stuffed, six legged, large snouted creature that aggressively smothers things with her soft underbelly. (Mine is purple rather than yellow like in the picture.) I admit to having a big squishy spot in my heart for stuffed monsters. Especially since now they serve the double purpose of warping the next generation. When I got home I was inspired to start randomly crocheting, so far I have a seven legged base. The yarn is very white and puffy, maybe it will turn into a squid, dunno yet.

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