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Birth Amaryllis

Birth Amaryllis
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The winter that Jesse and I first had our own apartment, junior year, 1996 I guess, we had an Amaryllis. (Ok, technically a Hippeastrum.) It bloomed, and since I was both lazy and curious, it went to seed. I've been hauling the diminishing set of seedlings around with me for the last 9 years... Many have been eaten or destroyed by slugs, snails and squirrels, but I've kept two in my office, in reasonably good condition, for the last 7 years. One of them is now blooming for the first time. Signs and Portents! Signs and Portents! Ok, but anyway, pretty neat.

I'm hoping that watching the flower open will encourage my cervix to get a move on things. :-) Today's technically my due date, and baby has been really active the last couple days, "Come on, where's the exit? How the heck do I get out of here!" but no signs of labor. Although I have been feeling more like cleaning recently.

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