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The concept of creating a new sentient being is really pretty mind blowing. Where did she come from, really? No, really? Sure, I touched her head while it was crowning, felt, when she was put into my arms, that we were still connected by the umbilical cord. But still for the first week I think I was waiting for her real parents to come and fetch her. I believed the theory of birth, but the reality is just too weird. Not that, you know, she's really sentient yet, but you can see the potential.

The second week I was pretty much content to just stare at her. But babies, cute as most of them are, are really only fascinating for so long at a stretch, and I've mostly figured out now when she wants food, when she wants to suck on something, and when she has to burp. Apparently she could care less about the state of her diaper. That she exists at all is still pretty freaky though.

Now, nearing the end of the third week, I curse her as the little demonic sleep stealing bitch that she really is. But still really cute too.

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