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Bleah, I spent the part of the day Rebecca wasn't fussing reading about how daycare was bad for infants under 1, and also how it wasn't so bad. Various studies, the article in the New York Times Wednesday about universal subsidized daycare in Quebec, Dr. Spock... I guess once my maternity leave is over I'll probably go back to work the 3days/week that I was at for the end of my pregnancy, at least until she's a year. For the first six months Jesse will have a day off a week for family leave, so that only leaves 16 hours at most to figure out.

It isn't as if I couldn't take a year off financially, and in a lot of ways I would enjoy it, but at the same time, I feel that without the stimulation of work my brain will rot. I enjoy my job, and given the distraction of Rebecca I don't think I could maintain a similar level of mental activity with only personal projects. Recently I've been spending most of my free time reading a truly egregious number of webcomics, news, and blogs. Well, I've started feeling more physically recovered, so that's been tailing off a little, combined with Rebecca spending much more time awake and fussy, but I can't say I've accomplished anything much past uploading pictures for the distant relatives since her birth.

Plenty of time left to figure it out, but today was the first day I started really looking into it. I blame my news habit and the New York Times. Evil Knowledge. Bye bye blissful ignorance.


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Jun. 18th, 2006 02:17 am (UTC)
I think there's a huge difference between full time child care and part time child care for infants. If your kid is in full time, it means you get to spend maybe an hour per day with them during the week, and then the weekend. That leaves very limited bonding time (which is very important early in life). But even if you do half-time daycare, half-time stay at home, it's tons better. Of course, as we discovered, finding part time care for infants is crazy hard. They don't want to take part time infants because of the ratio requirements.
Also, I think there's a big difference between a private in-home daycare and a center daycare. I would definitely go for an in-home. That's what we would have wanted for the first year for Ariana. Now she's in a center, but we felt it was more important to get socialization with kids her own age and have a good structure and yadda yadda. When they're pre-mobile, they just need lots of love and holding.

I'll say that stay at home parenting is not for everyone, and I actually didn't expect to do it. You do end up being a lot busier than you'd expect. I actually did my best to keep busy so Ariana wouldn't drive me crazy. I never spent much time thinking about what I was doing everyday, but now that I'm working, I never know what to do to keep her occupied. It's a weird transition.

Sorry about the overly abundant response. If you'd like more detailed and less frazzled advice, feel free to email me at juliedgros at gmail dot com
Jun. 18th, 2006 05:12 pm (UTC)
Don't worry, I don't think there are any informative short answers. :-) I hadn't really thought about how hard it would be to get her into part time infant care, I guess I should start looking into that. There certainly seem to be lots of home based daycares around here, but there will be fewer once I start looking for them.

And I'm sure I would be busy, I could probably clean the house full time for a year, without a baby, and not run out of things that needed to be done. :-/ But when I looked back at the end of the year I'm not sure I'd be very happy with myself unless I'd also accomplished some interesting coding or crafting projects. It's just too tied up in my view of myself, in addition to being an unfortunately lazy person.

The other problem is perfectionism. I've always felt a crippling inability to start something, or finish it, if there was some critical step I was going to screw up. With a kid you're on a constant deadline though, and I know I can't raise her 'perfectly' even if anyone knew what that meant. I started coming to terms with that one when I kept eating candy and sushi through my pregnancy. :-/
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