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Ashland Shakespeare Festival

Well, it's been forever. (^_^) There's been a lot going on in my life over the past yearish that I haven't really wanted to talk about on the web - go figure, me being such an extrovert and all. (>_<)(>_<) But hi! I'm still here and I still love y'all. \(^.^)/

In recent news we had fun taking a road trip up to Ashland Oregon with PamBob where we saw some Shakespeare and some not shakespeare. More accurately we watched Richard II, okay if you're into English history, but otherwise a very disjointed story that seemed all elbows, Wild Oats, simple minded but funny and good hearted, and Present Laughter, madcap and melodramatic tangled interpersonal relations - very funny. Present Laughter was my favorite, the characters were very vivid and very much themselves, and I wanted to hug and slap all of them.

If you do go to the Shakespeare festival at some point I highly recomend going with 8 people and staying in an appartement. :D We drove up with Pam and Bob, and then met Jen, Ward, Mel and Greg who all drove down from Portland. If you feel the need to ease some of that Monday headache, take a break and look at some pictures at my happy mac.com site.

If y'all are good children maybe I'll post a little more frequently. (What is she talking about?? Eh, just ignore her, she's rambling.)


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