Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

Jelly Bean

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Last week, around her one month anniversary I suppose, she started becoming more reactive than a milk bag. Which is good, since she trades cuteness for food she had better keep upgrading the cuteness. -_^ Little babies are cute, but ones that actually notice you and smile at you are cuter.

Also, I think I have a project for work that I can work on from home. Not a big project, I doubt it will last that long, but it serves the purpose of giving me something mathematical and hackish to do, while still staying home and taking optimal bonding-y care of the jelly bean. Also it is my favorite kind of project, interesting image processing, no legacy code to deal with, someone just telling me, we need you to write code to take input from this, and do this stuff somehow, and output this - use whatever you want to get the job done. So yay. At least if I can figure out the morass of charging time while taking paid family leave. o_0

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