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Baby is cute, baby is jolly, baby is just like a chattering dolly. Er.

I think Rebecca is the BabyEZ model. We went on our first plane trip last weekend, from San Jose to Philadelphia. It was a 5 hour plane trip, and she only fussed a little in the middle. Good signs for the 10+ hour plane trip to Japan.

She was pretty good all weekend too, babbled and smiled for the great grandmother, and didn't fuss much at any of the parties. Not that it would have mattered, because they were SO FRICKING LOUD no one would have heard her anyway. The only thing we didn't make it through was the actual wedding ceremony, not because she was fussing, but because she wanted to eat, and she started making really loud slurping and smacking noises sucking on my breast. @_@ Maybe I should have stuck it out, but I thought the brides mother was already a bit nervous at having a baby there, so we gave her the gift of an undisturbed ceremony.

Along similar lines, if you were in a store that said "no food or drink" in large letters, would you breast feed there? I tried to leave, but Jesse and grandma kept asking me questions, so I ended up feeding her in her sling. It's pretty convenient that I can feed her standing up if I have the sling cinched up right.

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