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Back at Work and...

First day back at work. I'll be working part time for the next 9 months at least, and, note the post time, working the blessed 6:30am-10:30 slot. Heh. (Jesse will then be working Engineer hours later.) I'm posting now, not being a good little worker in the hive of productivity, because I typed my password wrong too many times into my PC, so now I'm locked out and I have to wait for our sysadmin to get here and fix it for me. Stupid Windows security. First I typed it, or something like it, in Dvorak. Then I looked at the keys on my keyboard and typed it carefully three times. Then I remembered that the keys on my keyboard have all been pulled off and re-aranged into Dvorak by my helpful sysadmin. Five years ago. Doh. One more shot, and no, maybe I have the capitalization wrong. Who knows now, I'll just have to wait. But hey, I forgot to put a maternity leave message on my voicemail, so I can spend the next hour listening to that. Joy.

Actually I'm pretty happy to be here, even if I do have to listen to my voicemail. (Who uses voicemail? Send me a frickin email. Please, with sugar.)

[Edit: I guess people know me. I only had two real messages, the rest were just systems bulletins. Woo!]

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