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2006 Was Good, 2007 Will Be Awesome.

2006 was good. I was healthy, I had a healthy baby girl, (then I became less healthy, but hey), I studied lots of spoken Japanese, I made it to Japan, I took a lot of pictures - and some of them were pretty good, I won my first NaNoWriMo - although I didn't finish the story, and I think I'm doing an okay job being a mom so far.

2007 will be great. Knock on wood and all that, but I'm feeling pretty positive about this year, and, well, if disaster does strike, at least I can look back at this entry, and think nostalgically about how well things were going now. I don't see any great looming challenges ahead, just the many little challenges of life, taking care of my marriage, taking care of Rebecca, taking care of myself, and all the other little taking-care-ofs. They all require small goals and keeping on top of things, but, at least at the moment, I'm not feeling all gaspy and overwhelmed. Things are good around here, and I'm happy.

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