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(One of my recent resolutions was that if I want to procrastinate by reading LJ, first I have to write. It seems like I always think, oh, I want to write in my lj, but then, I wonder what everyone else is doing, and by the time I'm caught up, I don't want to write anymore. So, now I have to write first, then catch up later.)

Rebecca has been working on crawling the last three weeks or so. Hard to remember the chronology, which is why I need to write more, darnit! First off, she's a butt scoocher, an early protest against authority - one of Dad's edicts was that his daughter would not be a butt scoocher. :-) (I was trying to figure out what 'creeping' and 'cruising' were and how they ranked with crawling [creep -> crawl -> cruise -> walk apparently] and I found some videos of different types of baby locomotion. I thought it was pretty funny how some little kids could get around really fast by hopping on their butts, so I showed Jesse, and he said, Rebecca, you will not be a butt scoocher. Thus, Rebecca is a butt scoocher.)

Really she's a butt scoocher because she hates being on her tummy. Once she could sit up without support around 4-5 months, that was all she wanted to do. Now she sits on the floor, and she can sort of lie-reach things in about a 3 foot radius, and then sit up again. Further than you would expect. Sometimes she doesn't make it back up to sitting though, although she pushes back with her hands on the floor, all she does is scoot backwards. This makes her very mad. But in the last 3 weeks she started pulling her tummy up off the ground, a pre-req for crawling, and she's done some lean forward and move her hands forward, but not her feet, and then maybe one foot/knee forward. That's her current record. It's very exciting, except, well, up next, fully child-proofing the house. :-/


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Jan. 8th, 2007 08:46 pm (UTC)
Would it be okay if I directed my sister to your journal? She and her husband had been planning to start a family this year, but I apparently traumatized him by giving them a copy of Jeff Vogel's "The Poo Bomb" for Christmas and now he's vowing never to have children ... I think that reading about your experiences with Rebecca would be really encouraging and inspiring in a way that Vogel's wryly horrified witticisms were not ... :)

(... not to mention seeing the photos! She's beautiful!)
Jan. 8th, 2007 10:00 pm (UTC)
Sure, I'm surprised you asked. I admit that anonymous comments do wig me out a little bit, but I don't really care who reads my journal.

So, this is indirectly my fault, yes? Since I think Jesse and I were the ones that handed you that book originally? So now I have to fix it? ;-)

If you think it would help her to read my occasional baby comment, cool, but, you know, really she needs to hang out with someone with a baby. Then she can figure out whether she either is, or isn't, a baby person. If you really want nieces and nephews, you can always remind her that a year is just a year, and after that they won't be a baby anymore, they'll be a screaming toddler. Then after that they'll be a terrible two, then after that, maybe they'll be sweet for a handful of years, before turning into a teenager and you'll be worrying about drugs and pregnancy, and then they'll go to college and forget you. Hmm. Maybe that's not such a good idea. Are you sure that reading my journal wouldn't just compound the problem? :-D
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