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Story Time

Last Wednesday Rebecca and I went to family story time at the library for the first time. I was amazed at how busy it was, I think there were about 50 kids. This meant that for Rebecca the content of story time was completely unimportant. She is currently fascinated by other kids. They're like toys, but they move by themselves! Just like doggies!

This week we went again, and she had more fun. I really need to get her out with kids more, I'm looking into classes at the YMCA, and trying to find playgroups. She'll be going into daycare, probably, soonish, but that's soonish in months, since we're just starting to look, and once we pick one, by next week if we're lucky, then she'll probably be on a waiting list for a couple months.

Tonight she finally got the hang of (assisted) clapping, actually holding her hands out flat rather than clapping little claws. It made noise! That's a real milestone. Also, I think she stood up by herself for the first time. Technically she was holding onto my hand, but I wasn't pulling her up. Current Mobility: can scooch around in a circle, do a full front layout/extention to grab things, push herself back up to sitting, roll over, crawl backwards, and maybe pull herself up to standing. So, yah, I went to the hardware store yesterday for electrical plug inserts and cabinet latches.

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