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Tie Them Down!

How's this for tying them down in their crib? Awesome! Retro! Cute! Probably a choking hazard too. Whatever, bring it on! Or something. Rebecca was up from 12:30 to 1:30 last night. Or maybe I have the time wrong. I was pretty groggy. She was happy! "Fun! I get to claw mom in the face while she pretends to sleep! Oh NOES! Not the crib! Waaaa! Hey, I can pull myself up to standing now! What if I fall over and bang my head? Waaa! Oh YAYES! THe bed! Now I can kick mom some more! Oh NOES! The evil subduing breast milk! Okay, I guess maybe I am getting sleepy."

In other news, yesterday she clapped all by herself when she was happy. She managed to crawl after me into the next room, and then when I was all "Squee! Good job!" she started clapping. Also, when I was going to pretend-walk her into the next room (kind of like walking a large doll by rocking them back and forth while moving them forwards) she moved her legs in big steps all by herself. They were really funny exaggerated steps too, it was cute.

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