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Game Engines

Noah's post got me looking at game engines again, and the options are better than last time I looked. My view is colored by my position as a mac developer of course.

Torque Game Engine (3D) by Garage Games
Torque Game Builder (2D) by Garage Games
Unity (3D/2D)
PopCap Framework (PC only?)
PTK Game Engine

Would anyone be interested in coming over to our house some weekend and having a mini game jam to try out one or more of these engines? Maybe one a month? Get the 30 day demo, grab some free art, and see what you can really do... I think it would be fun.


Feb. 8th, 2007 06:53 pm (UTC)
CrystalSpace does okay, but obviously you're going to have the option of shooting yourself in the foot :-)

Ogre and Irrlicht are usually used along with a cross-platform sound library. They're graphics-only, which doesn't mean a platform based on them has to be. One of the nice things about open source is the whole "mix and match" thing, though it gets annoying if you have components that are too intertwined with each other -- graphics and UI come to mind.