Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

Laurel's Visit

Laurel & Jesse
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Back in January Laurel visited San Francisco for Macworld, and we drove up to hang with her for an afternoon. Meant to post this picture then, but it got lost.

We had a nice lunch at Ali Baba's Cave Cafe on Haight St., and then walked through Golden Gate Park to the Japanese Tea Garden. It was nice, but crowded and smaller than I was expecting.

Laurel dropped her lens cap of a balcony, then went to ask a person at the gate if it was okay to jump the short fence at the bottom to retrieve it. He said he would call the gardener, picking up the phone, and she should run back and get it while they had them on the line, so they couldn't catch her. Was it a joke? We don't know, but Laurel successfully retrieved her lens cap. :-)

Then we had a nice tea, Laurel's Oolong was nicer than our green Jasmine, and finally took a whiny "Why, why am I not asleep right now!!!" Rebecca home.

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