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In Sickness and in Ear Infections

Rebecca has been sick for a bit over a week now, came down with some virus last Sunday, had a fever that we treated with Tylenol, lack of appetite (in the "bleh I'm sick, I'm not hungry" way, not the "I'm hungry but it hurts to eat" way), but she seemed to be getting better by Tuesday. Wednesday her fever came back up again and she was getting wheezy, so the Dr. said to bring her to the evening clinic which we did. He asked us if either of us had a history of Asthma, which we don't, and then put her on a machine that atomized Al Butrin into a face mask to dilate her bronchial tubes, which she HATED. Isn't it marvelous how it can take two adults to hold a struggling 9 month old? She hates having her face washed too. He sent us home with a baby inhaler, which again involves a face mask, fun fun fun.

Also, he said she had a double ear infection, and that was probably why her fever had gone back up. Woo! Err... Anyway, I was reading about ear infections on our health organization's web site and came across this:

You may see thick, yellow fluid coming from their ears. This happens when the infection has caused the eardrum to burst and the fluid flows out. This is not serious and usually makes the pain go away. The eardrum usually heals on its own.

EW! Doesn't eardrum bursting sound, um, really bad? And it is okay? Yuck-O!


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