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So, I've been a cow for the last 10 months, nothing unusual about that, but it has led me to meditate on milk and milking more than usual. Well, really, pumping breast milk is what usually gets me thinking about it, a suckling baby is less conducive to measurement and observation, the apparatus and fluids are all hidden, at least until they come out one end or the other. (-_^)

But breast pumps... the apparatus is all transparent, whether you want to or not you can see the breasts deforming and the milk squirting. Sometimes it is a little bit disturbing. (o_0)

Squickyness of human fluid extraction aside, the thing I've been wondering about recently is homogenization. Usually I only pump at work, since at home there is a baby which can take care of her own darn milk extraction, but recently she was sicker than usual and really wasn't eating, so I pumped at home a few times to keep my breasts producing. (For the uneducated, if you don't use them they dry up, the supply is self regulating with demand with some time delay.) And I noticed that the milk separated much more fully than usual. I've noticed that before, and our working theory is that the half hour ride home in a vibrating car causes the milk to reach some degree of homogenization.

I looked up Homogenization on Wikipedia, and it says homogenization is accomplished by reducing the size of the fat globules, which is usually done by forcing the milk through very small holes. I can't find any succinct references, but it looks like shaking is used to homogenize some liquids. So, yah. Cars can homogenize liquids. Cool. (^_^)

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